Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe pupils recognised for perfect school attendance

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe pupils recognised for perfect school attendance

Sixty pupils who attend a local primary school in the heart of Grimsby achieved 100 percent attendance during the last academic year, not even missing half a day of school last year.

The savvy pupils from Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe were treated to a special awards ceremony where they received a 100 percent gold badge for their exceptional attendance, and a special afternoon tea and cake party where pupils parents attended and celebrated their success with them.

Katie McGuire, Principal at Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe, said; “We are very clear that we don’t reward 100% attendance. We know that great attendance is often based on good luck: children have managed not to be ill or be injured, and the families have not had any exceptional circumstances that have taken their children out of school. We know it’s more than just luck though.”

“These families have prioritised school attendance above everything else, making sure routine appointments and holidays are scheduled out of school hours. They have trusted us with their children when they are tired or have a cough, instead of making the decision to keep them at home. So although we don’t reward high attendance, we certainly feel that it should be celebrated!”

The special celebration took place on the 10th October in the Academy, and some pupils didn’t even realise they had 100 percent attendance during the last academic year with others saying, it’s really hard to get 100 percent attendance and were really happy to have received an invite.

Daniel, 7, Pupil at Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe, added; “I loved the part where I got a certificate. Mum took a photograph of me and posted it to my dad. She had a lovely cup of tea and I ate all the doughnuts!”

Charlie-Ann, 10, gets encouragement from her sister and said; “It’s hard to get 100% attendance, especially if you live a long way from school. My sister helps me get up in the morning so I’m early, and I make sure I leave the house at 8:30 so I’m not late. My mum is really happy that I’m working so hard.”

Hannah, 7, was shocked when she received an invite, and said; “I was surprised to get 100%! My attendance in my old school was good, but not as good as it is now. My mum and dad came, and my big sister and my little sister. They thought it was a really good celebration.”

Daniel Marsh