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Oasis Academy Shirley Park students raise £900 for WaterAid charity

Oasis Academy Shirley Park students raise £900 for WaterAid charity

A group of year 7 students from a local all-through school situated in the heart of Croydon organised a walk for WaterAid, a charity that provides clean water to those without access.

The youngsters from Oasis Academy Shirley Park raised £900, a record high for the academy who has held this event for five years. The funds raised will provide clean water for life for sixty people.

During the walk, each participating student carried a two litre bottle filled with water around the Oasis Academy Shirley Park athletics track seventeen times, walking the same distance that a young girl typically would need to walk to collect water for her family. In total, 41 students participated in the walk, including the seventeen student members of the WE committee who planned the event.

One year 7 student said, “We take so many things for granted such as clean water, education and health and I wanted to give back to others that are less fortunate than me. I was glad to be given the opportunity, however I found the walk very difficult, but I was reminded that they have to do this daily which made me want to continue. I was able to raise over £100 with the help of family, teachers and friends and felt honoured to be able to give this to someone in need.”

The student WE committee at Oasis Academy Shirley Park is committed to making a difference both locally and globally. Previously, they have been involved with donating food to their local food bank during lockdown and doing a penny challenge to donate money to help the homeless.

Helen Ottley, Head of Year 7 at Oasis Academy Shirley Park, said, “[The students] decided to support Water Aid because they understood the importance of having clean water and what that means for a young girl and her family. With clean water, she should be able to get an education, have a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, have clean water to drink. I was humbled by the amount of enthusiasm and commitment they had to wanting to help change someone’s life."

Daniel Marsh