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Oasis Academy Sholing student writes to PM, Boris Johnson, and gets a response!

Oasis Academy Sholing student writes to PM, Boris Johnson, and gets a response!

A thoughtful year 11 student who would have been due to sit her exams this summer sent a letter to the Prime Minister, and was overwhelmed when she got a response.

Gabby, a final year student at Oasis Academy Sholing, situated in the heart of Southampton recently wrote to 10 Downing Street to praise our wonderful key workers up and down the country, and to tell the Prime Minister her feelings about the current situation in schools. Last week a member of the PM’s team wrote back to her.

Gabby, Year 11 Student at Oasis Academy Sholing said; “I’m so proud of myself... I wrote to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to tell him that all key workers are important just like doctors and nurses. From teachers to bus drivers to cleaners, they all play an important role"

The letter was from Chris Jennings of the Direct Communications Unit of the government on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Mr Jennings wrote; “You are absolutely right to highlight the critical role that all key workers have played throughout the pandemic, and I would like to thank your mum, Linda, on behalf of the Prime Minister. Whilst our NHS doctors and nurses have an important responsibility in directly saving lives on the front line, it is undoubtedly true that cleaners, dinner ladies and bus drivers have kept the country running and allowed those NHS staff to do their jobs. We would all do well to remember the resilience and courage of every one our key workers for years to come.”

Martin Brown, Principal at Oasis Academy Sholing said; “We are really proud of our students who recognise and celebrate the hard work of all involved in supporting our community and those across the country at this challenging time.”

Mr Dale, Head of Year 11 at Oasis Academy Sholing added; “It is excellent to see our students engaging with national politics, Well done Gabby for highlighting and praising the fantastic efforts of our key workers.”

Mr Jennings continued to say; “It is deeply regrettable that you missed your exams this year and I sincerely hope it does not negatively impact your further, which I’ve not doubt is very bright. Best of luck at college and all you do afterwards.”

Daniel Marsh