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Oasis Academy Watermead plans to make Christmas special for patients in Sheffield Hospitals

Oasis Academy Watermead plans to make Christmas special for patients in Sheffield Hospitals

With the start of the Christmas season less than three weeks away, one primary school in the heart of Sheffield is preparing to send a smile to patients in hospital this Christmas.

Oasis Academy Watermead situated in Barrie Crescent is gearing up for Christmas as pupils and staff prepare to make decorations that will be placed throughout hospitals in Sheffield.

Due to the currently Coronavirus pandemic, hospital wards across the country are not allowed to put up any of their usual decorations up this year, they can’t put their trees up or garlands, give out their presents or do their usual Christmas carols, so pupils and staff wanted something to make patients smile.

Samantha Hamed, Acting EYFS Lead at Oasis Academy Watermead, commented saying; “My friend works as a Senior Sister in a ward at the Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield and asked me if the children could make decorations for her ward, we of course accepted the challenge. Initially we will be sending /delivering to Hallamshire Hospital, Northern General Hospital and Sheffield Children’s Hospital in early December.”

Each year group has been tasked to create an array of decorations with EYFS creating snowflakes, year 1 creating Christmas trees, year 2 are making tissue paper baubles, year 3 are tasked with creating holly strings, year 4 are to set to get to work making tissue paper light catchers, year 5 are making elves, with year 6 designing and making paper wreathes. Staff are also set to take part.

Adam Dawson, Principal at Oasis Academy Watermead added; “Pupils in all years are incredibly excited to take part creating decorations for hospitals across Sheffield during this difficult and unprecedented time. We often talk about small acts of kindness and our children have shown this in abundance by making decorations for local hospitals to bring joy and smiles to patients and staffs faces.”

All decorations created by pupils and staff will be wrapped in sticky back plastic so they can be wiped down and disinfected before going into the hospitals.

Daniel Marsh