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Oasis Community learning celebrates students character and achievements

Oasis Community learning celebrates students character and achievements

Despite the challenges following the global Coronavirus pandemic, one Multi-Academy Trust made sure its bi-annual celebration of students from all across the country was able to go ahead, albeit in a different format than previous commemorations.

Oasis Community Learning was keen to ensure that the children who were nominated to attend this year’s ceremony, still received the recognition they deserve for their hard work, and for being exceptional young people.

A total of 261 certificates have been delivered to students, alongside six tailored trophies to overall winners, and two extra certificates for special mentions.

In partnership with key sponsor Sodexo, Oasis Community Learning usually runs a special bi-annual National Student Awards event held at the ICC in Birmingham for hundreds of children aged 9 to 18 from across their family of academies, but due to the current pandemic this has been postponed until July 2021.

The theme of this year’s awards is ‘Character’, and academies were invited to nominate children for three categories (The Character Award, The Competence Award and the Community Award), all of which are read by senior leaders and judged blindly in Primary and Secondary/Sixth Form phase categories.

Steve Chalke, Founder of Oasis said; "Our National Student Awards are always a wonderful celebration of the achievement of Oasis’ children and students across the country. This year our chosen theme of ‘Character’ was one that sits at the very heart of all education and even more importantly of what it means to live as the best version of yourself.”

“So my congratulations go to every one of you who was nominated as well as to all of you who received an award. Although we’ve not had the chance to mark your achievement together, I am applauding you very loudly from a distance!”

Unlike traditional academic award ceremonies it is important to Oasis that the children are recognised for who they are as a person, their character, what they have done to support others, their commitment to community, and if they have exceeded expectations in the face of adversity, their competence.

John Murphy, Chief Executive of Oasis Community Learning, commented saying; “At Oasis we want all of our young people to develop the character, confidence, and competence to both fulfil their potential and make a difference to their local community.”

“The National Student Awards always highlights that so many of our young people are already doing just that – they are striving to become the best version of themselves, and making a hugely positive impact on their local community.”

Many of the nominees were in their final years at an Oasis academy (either year 6, 11 or 13), and they therefore wanted to ensure they knew how much we appreciate them as a person.

Trophy Awarded Child Academy
Character (Primary) Year 6 Pupil OA Broadoak
Character (Secondary) Liberty Light (Y9) OA Mayfield
Competence (Primary) Kieran Ody (Y6) OA Long Cross
Competence (Secondary) Year 9 Student OA Brightstowe
Community (Primary) Prabdeep Rai (Y6) OA Boulton
Community (Secondary) Arianna Maqedonci (Y13) OA Hadley
CEOs Special Mention Ronaldo Baker (Y12) OA Shirley Park
Chairs Special Mention Year 5 Pupil OA Broadoak

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Daniel Marsh