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Oasis Community Learning to provide an iPad to every pupil as part of its Horizons programme to ‘enhance learning for all’

Oasis Community Learning to provide an iPad to every pupil as part of its Horizons programme to ‘enhance learning for all’
Oasis Community Learning to provide an iPad to every pupil as part of its Horizons programme to ‘enhance learning for all’

Oasis Community Learning is ready to deliver over 30,000 iPads to primary, secondary, sixth form students, and staff over the next 12 months. The venture, part of Oasis’s fundamental offer to students and their families, is designed to address inequalities that exist outside of school by making online learning accessible to all.

The scheme, named Oasis Horizons, is part of a wider strategy that involves improving the curriculum offered within Oasis academies and offering staff opportunities to further develop their skills within the classroom. Oasis Horizons puts this improved teaching and learning directly into the hands of every student wherever they are through online learning.

Oasis Horizons will be rolled out to all 52 Oasis Academies over the next academic year enabling students to conduct their own research delving deeper into their subject and enabling them to follow their own lines of inquiry, starting with two academies situated in Birmingham and Grimsby this month.

The devices will support every student on their learning journey regardless of their starting points, removing many of the barriers some young people face in accessing learning resources outside of school.

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning, proudly launched Oasis Horizons saying; “We want to take a step forward in our offer to our young people to ensure we address inequality that exists outside of the classroom, and so that everyone has the opportunities that they are entitled to.”

“Oasis Horizons will provide every student access to online learning wherever they are, it will enable their families to support them with their learning. Familiarity with devices such as this will also prepare them for their next steps, be that further education or a fulfilling and aspirational career.”

“Last but by no means least, Oasis Horizons will empower our staff to teach in new and exciting ways and to work more efficiently, reducing the time taken to do important activities like marking and freeing up that time to support their students.”

“We are excited by the opportunities provided by Oasis Horizons, and how it will enhance learning for all.”

Every pupil will be taught how to make the most of their device, and how to look after it. If an iPad is reported missing it can be locked remotely, and then have its location tracked.

Tom Crump, National Education Manager at Sync, added; “The equitable delivery of education through digital means has never been more important. By equipping teachers and students with an iPad, OCL are preparing for the long-term delivery of equitable learning - whether students are in school or at home. We are proud to be working with OCL on their ground-breaking Horizons project - the largest provision of iPad in education happening in England to date.”

Oasis is funding the project primarily from funds already allocated to refreshing IT equipment each year across its 52 academies.

Why is Oasis doing this?

  • Oasis is for community. A place where everyone is included, contributing and reaching their potential. Through Oasis Horizons, every new and current pupil is provided with an iPad during their time at Oasis, so everyone has equal access to online learning. It will enhance learning for all.
  • Oasis is developing an outstanding Oasis curriculum taught in the best possible way. The technology provided by Oasis Horizons puts this exceptional teaching and learning into the hands of every Oasis pupil, at school and at home.
  • Oasis Horizons empowers staff to work more efficiently; reducing the time taken to do things like marking and freeing up more time to support their pupils to make great progress.
  • Oasis knows that pupils are always learning, both inside the classroom and at home, and that families play an essential part in supporting their children with their education. Oasis Horizons connects us – enabling pupils to access online learning, wherever they are.
  • Oasis Horizons prepares young people for their next steps. Giving them a greater understanding of e-safety, providing them opportunities to engage with technology throughout their school career. Oasis Horizons provides a firm foundation towards further education, or aspirational, fulfilling and prosperous careers.

How does the project work?

  • Whilst in an Oasis academy, the device will be automatically connected to the internet through the Oasis infrastructure. The academy can choose to restrict access to the internet for the device in line with the local behaviour management and e-safety policies.
  • The iPad will be the responsibility of the pupil, if the device is lost, the pupil will need to inform the academy immediately.
  • Every iPad will be tracked and managed by Oasis Community Learning, which can lock, erase or disable the device remotely if required.
  • Students will have access to an ‘Oasis Self Service App Store’ which will allow user (both staff and students) to install apps onto the device. The App Store will contain a range of apps which will be uniformly available across all academies and to all users.
  • Students will have access to instant translation tools for resources, thus encouraging greater engagement in learning for the whole family.


You can view an array of FAQ's which further expand on the details and the safety features implemented via our website HERE.

About Sync

Sync supports schools and academy trusts across the UK, helping with the adoption and integration of technology into their teaching and learning practices. This is carried out with a key focus on enhancing outcomes, delivering equitable learning, and maintaining affordability and sustainability. Founded in 1992, Sync are a longstanding, highly specialised Apple partner and accredited Apple Authorised Education Specialist. Sync is a trading name of GBM Digital Technologies Ltd.

Oasis Community Learning to provide an iPad to every pupil as part of its Horizons programme to ‘enhance learning for all’
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