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Oasis Horizons at Oasis Academy Sholing help students at home and in lessons

Oasis Horizons at Oasis Academy Sholing help students at home and in lessons

As an academy, we at Oasis Academy Sholing started our Horizons project journey during the previous lockdown to ensure that our students who needed it the most were able to access their online distance learning. Since the beginning of the Horizons project a lot of work has been put in by various members of staff to ensure iPads can be used within lessons and at home to improve the learning experience for students.

Alongside our iPads, at Oasis Sholing we are very lucky to have a selection of interactive screens which give staff the opportunity to mirror resources directly from the iPad to the screen wirelessly, making delivery of new learning more fluid and effective. Tools such as airdrop and further use of Microsoft Teams has encouraged paperless learning.

Music have begun using iPads to help students make and record music on Garage band. Science have been checking whole classes for understanding, using Go Formative and Geography are using Google Earth to allow learners to identify locations visibly. It is clear all departments are using iPads in their own unique and novel ways.

Since being issued with their iPads back in winter, staff have been given bespoke training on both the basic functions of iPads, but also training and advice on the different pieces of software that can be used to make learning more interactive within the classroom. With this training, staff have been able to spend time practising and honing their iPad skills to build a toolbox of effective ideas for delivering their subjects in the classroom.

student feedback around the Horizons project has been positive with pupils making comments like “It makes using technology in lessons simpler as we already have them with us” and “It makes life easier when trying to access schoolwork from home” (Year 8). Year 10 students have also given positive feedback saying, “I find it easier to use iPads in lessons as it has similar functions as my phone”.

Teachers at Oasis Sholing share the positive reception for the Horizons project, praising both the valuable whole school uses as well as the beneficial software and tools for each individual department. Although they have had an already positive reception and make such a large difference to the learning of our students, we continue at Sholing to be dedicated to improving the provision in lessons around the iPad and within the Horizons project.

Daniel Marsh