Schools come together for one of the largest STEM Tech events in North London

Schools come together for one of the largest STEM Tech events in North London
Schools come together for one of the largest STEM Tech events in North London

Promoting gender equality within the tech industry is highly dependent on digital inclusion, ensuring young women are equipped to pursue careers in technology and thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

Oasis Academy Enfield, in North London, worked with a non-profit organisation, Academy Achievers, to host the ‘#BeMeDigitalInclusion Sustainable Tech Experience’ on Wednesday 11th October, by inviting a number of guest speakers from well-established global companies to speak with young students and to provide them with a platform for discussing innovative pathways to forge a more sustainable United Kingdom.

Joining the academy, were students from Conisborough College and Kingsford Community School. The guest speakers who later delivered a question-and-answer style panel throughout the day were Linda Essumai (KPMG UK), Sara Atkinson (Ciena), Wande Yadu (HSBC), Serena Walker (LexisNexis), Winsome Cheung (Covington & Burling LLP), Nicole Lowe (KPMG UK), Esther Lewis (Soprasteria) and Dolores Currie (Colt).

The event allowed students to learn about the concept of ESG, a set of aspects which evaluates the sustainability and societal impact of businesses by considering environmental, social, and governance factors. They also learned about microaggressions, global challenges and the importance of ethical and responsible business practices. The students appreciated the significance of integrating ESG principles into their future careers, empowering them to become catalysts for positive change.

During the second part of the day, group activities encouraged students to collaborate, discuss ideas, and enhance their interpersonal skills. These activities emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, boosting their confidence, showcasing the power of collective intelligence, and cultivating a sense of belonging within the tech community. These experiences proved to undoubtedly inspire them to pursue technology careers and contribute to diverse and inclusive work environments.

Global #BeMeDigitalinclusion Coordinator, Symone Bernard, commented on the event: The #BeMeDigitalinclusion event was a powerful convergence of youthful brilliance and women leaders from diverse fields. As young minds crossed paths with inspiring individuals from the likes of Colt, KPMG, Ciena, Convington, HSBC and UKESF.

The energy and ideas that flowed among students and the wisdom shared through the interview panels, the workshops, and the career fair, made it a day of empowerment and innovation. The day became a symphony of possibilities. The future is bright for our young people.”

The feedback from the students at Oasis Academy Enfield was positive. They expressed their appreciation for the chance to learn about ESG and its relevance in the tech industry.

Rishika, a Year 11 student at the academy said: “the group activities were my favourite, as it gave us an opportunity to collaborate, think critically, and develop essential skills.”

Co-Principal at Oasis Academy Enfield, Carvey Francis commented on the success of the event: “Oasis Academy Enfield has worked with Paulette Watson for a few years now to provide this invaluable experience for our students at the academy, and for other young women, promoting digital inclusion and empowering them to explore the world of technology.

“The positive feedback from our students at the end of the day serves as a testament to the event’s success in encouraging and equipping them for successful careers in technology. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Paulette and her team, as well as the other schools who came, and the inspirational guest speakers.”

Schools come together for one of the largest STEM Tech events in North London
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