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‘Thank you baked potato’, Oasis Academy New Oak staff create a fun-filled video for pupils

‘Thank you baked potato’, Oasis Academy New Oak staff create a fun-filled video for pupils

A primary school in the heart of South Bristol has created a wonderful version of a famous British comedian’s new single.

A teaching assistant at Oasis Academy New Oak, situated in Hengrove came up with an idea about performing and filming their own version of Matt Lucas’s reworked ‘Baked Potato’ song last week.

The video consisted of a number of support, teaching and leadership staff, plus Tiger the guinea pig, all getting involved not only to spread the word of safety but to have a bit of fun and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Kelly Low, Teaching Assistant at Oasis Academy New Oak, and the member of staff who came up with the idea said; “I loved how Matt Lucas was spreading smiles by collaborating with celebrities and raising money for the NHS.”

“I never thought our video would get so much publicity through our website and social media channels, but I am just happy that it is encouraging people to stay safe and raising money for our amazing NHS! Keep smiling everyone.”

Lucas's jaunty tune is an adaptation of his original, which he performed on Shooting Stars.

The new version was released on March 24, going viral on social media website, Twitter, and it plays out the comedian's conversation with a potato, which reiterates the need to follow the lockdown rules.

Carla Webb, Assistant Principal at Oasis Academy New Oak, added; “The staff at Oasis Academy New Oak are missing the children and families dearly and we are always trying to find ways to make their day a little brighter.”

“We wanted the ‘Baked Potato’ video to be as inclusive as possible for our children, as we have a Deaf Learning Base and Autism Resource Base at our school, so a staff member of the DLB taught up some signs to use in the song.”

Muriel Wilkins, Principal at Oasis Academy New Oak, said; “I am so proud of the staff and their ingenious ways to keep positive and fun whilst also being so hardworking and caring.”

The keyworker children at Oasis Academy New Oak recently made a ‘thank you NHS’ banner which takes pride of place at the front of the school for all the community to see and, pupils have also been busy making birthday cards for Captain Tom Moore who raised over £20m for the NHS to celebrate his 100th birthday.

You can watch the full video via Twitter HERE.

Daniel Marsh