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Oasis Lockdown Music Competition

We were delighted to run our music competition in 2020-2021 regardless of the lockdown situation caused by the global pandemic. You will have seen in our blog piece 'Music is so much more than we realise' that music has great benefits in letting us know more about the world and people in it. It can also improve our mood and bring us positive thoughts and messages - and we were absolutely thrilled to see our young people being able to express themselves and find flow and joy through participating in this competition. 

The winners of the Oasis Music Competition will be awarded a range of prestigious and exciting prizes, according to the category the students won in. Students who won performing categories will be invited to take part in a masterclass with an industry professional, where they will be given a chance to perform alongside receiving tips and mentoring on how to take the next steps with their performing careers. For the winners of the song writing and original song categories, we are hosting an online songwriting session for students, where they will extend their understanding of compositional techniques and using digital audio workstations.

We are delighted to share the winning and the runner-up entries from our KS3, KS4 and KS5 students with you. 

Best Production Track

KS3 Winner - Katie Thwaites from OA Hadley

KS3 Runner up - Dominik Joseph from OA Hadley

KS4 Winner - Zach from OA Coulsdon

KS4 Runner up - Ethan from OA John Williams

KS5 Winner - Obai Ermak from OA South Bank

KS5 Runner up - Yusuf from OA Lister Park

Best Original Song

KS3 Winner - Anonymous student from OA Coulsdon

KS3 Runner up - Mariam from OA Silvertown (Mariam would prefer to keep her song private for now).

KS4 Winner - Lucy from OA Shirley Park

KS4 Runner up - Amy from OA Isle of Sheppey


Best Solo Performance

KS3 Winner - Joel from OA Silvertown

KS3 Runner up - Emily from OA Hadley

KS3 Runner up - Pablo from OA Coulsdon 

KS4 Winner - Callum from OA Coulsdon



KS4 Runner up - Jessica ALmada from OA Hadley

KS5 Winner - Kalea-Jade from OA Shirley Park

KS5 Runner up - Halima