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The Circle (OCL Blog)

Welcome back to a brand new year!

We are delighted to welcome you to a brand new academic year with us here at Oasis. This is a great time to look ahead to the next 3 terms and think about all the exciting opportunities you have coming, and set some goals for succeeding today and succeeding tomorrow. 

Reaching the end of the year: A special message from our CEO John Murphy

As we finish the 20-21 academic year, it is a great chance for us to reflect on the challenges, the wins and the extraordinary situation we have collectively shared. In this special message from our CEO, John would like to take this time to round up our year, and thank you all - we promise it isn't all COVID related! 

A graphic with cakes, flags, acrobats and footballer signifying the student awards

The awards on the 9th July will be celebrating over 260 young people within Oasis for their Character, their Competence, and their Character. But why are we focussing on these categories, and what can we expect?

Music is so much more than we realise

Music plays a huge role in our lives. It can help us form our identity, make friends, and understand ourselves. But it also has a huge impact on learning. In this blog, our Music National Lead Practitioners explore the impact of music in learning and development.

Spotlight on…Oasis Hub: South Grimsby

During the last year, our lives have changed in ways we never could have imagined. This is the story of how Michelle and her team have worked hard to transform a period of crisis into a place of hope and cohesion.

Spotlight on…Oasis Hub: Hobmoor

These unprecedented times present an entirely new scale of challenges for many families globally. However, now more than ever before, we’ve witnessed a great sense of togetherness within communities. That is especially true for one community in Birmingham.