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The Circle (OCL Blog)

Virtual tours and trips to expand your lockdown horizons

As we enter another week in lockdown, finding activities to keep busy and to fulfil those longings for travel, theatre, trips and the arts can be tough. Never fear – we have a list of over 35 virtual tours and trips you can take from the comfort of your homes.

Adjusting to learning from home; our advice for parents and students

Whether you are a parent or student, adjusting to the change of home learning can be quite a challenge. These are unpredictable times for everyone, so with this in mind we have gathered seven tips to ensure you are making the most out of the current predicament. Hopefully, some of the advice below will help.

30 Acts for April that will help you stay happy and healthy

As we move into another month, and carry on another week in lockdown here in the UK, keeping motivation to keep busy and practice self care might be slipping. Or perhaps you're just running out of ideas of things to do to keep busy at home! 

We've put together a list of 30 things you can do this April; let's stay strong together and welcome Spring into our hearts this April (even if we are inside!) 

Talking to and supporting your child through the COVID-19 pandemic

With the unavoidable topic on everyone’s mind affecting our work, schools and homes, how do we translate what is going on to support our children’s understanding of the world? There may be parents out there who are very honest with their children, and others who would prefer to keep them in the dark as a preventative measure to anxiety. Nobody understand your child like you, but if you are stuck for words the Child Mind Institute has offered the following advice:

Why an apprenticeship was for me

We are delighted to share with you a blog piece from one of our 200 apprentices across OCL. Levy Dalin shares with you his reasons for choosing this route, and why learning and earning was the right choice for him.