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The Circle (OCL Blog)

Rethinking Food Futures

Students at two of our academies have been enjoying dishes containing ingredients they’ve grown at school, as part of an educational partnership between Sodexo Schools and Rethink Food. Read more.

The Importance of Diversity and Representation in our Children’s Books

This blog by Lucy Thomas emphasies the important role of diverse children's literature in promoting empathy, understanding, and positive self-image. By encouraging inclusive narratives, it advocates for a more tolerant and inclusive society that values and celebrates individual uniqueness.

Exam Revision Tips/Advice

In this blog, Heidi Stennett highlights the importance of effective exam preparation by encouraging continuous revision, diverse study techniques, the significance of mental health and maintaining a positive mindset.

Being Considerate - 9 Habits Blog

David Bailey highlights that being considerate involves empathy, kindness, and respect, fostering positive relationships. Prioritising relationships not only benefits us personally but also strengthens communities.

Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Evie Cryer explains how Autism Acceptance Week emphasises inclusion and accommodation for autistic individuals. Open conversations about sensory differences, communication, and daily routines are crucial for support!

First page of the PDF file: IWD_A4_Poster_1

Gemma Bolton-Hale explains how Oasis is celebrating women with 'HerStory Month.' We are emphasising real change with initiatives like STEM assemblies and sports leadership opportunities. Oasis says, let's support women every day, not just in March!