The Circle (OCL Blog)

A primary aged boy reading a book

In this blog Elizabeth Rhodes, National Lead for Student Inclusion, reflects on her time as an Early Career Teacher and one particular student who helped motivate her to develop literacy approach that could change lives. 

Preparing for Results Day

With A Level and GCSE results day on the horizon, we wanted to share some advice and help prepare our young people for the big day.

Pride rainbow colours with words 'Celebrating Pride 2023'

LGBTQ+ Pride month is a pivotal date in the calendar, and runs throughout June. As an organisation, and in conjunction with School Diversity Week (run nationally by Just Like Us), Oasis will be doing a special celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride in the last week of June – 26th to 30th.

Image to celebrate world day for cultural diversity illustrated

In celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity, Herminder Channa (Regional Director for Midlands academies) shares her family story of coming to the UK and what her family's experience meant to her growing up, and how this has shaped who she is today.