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The Circle (OCL Blog)

Spotlight on…Oasis Hub: Foundry and Boulton

To say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our communities would be an understatement. However, how have Oasis Hub Foundry and Boulton overcome this challenge? Find out in this blog. 

Where we began - the founder's story of Oasis

Today, Oasis works to create change, affecting the lives of many people in numerous communities. We have been pioneering change for 35 years, but how did it start? Hear from Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis, as he takes you on the journey of Oasis.

Ways students can manage and cope with stress

Knowing how to cope with stress is very important, especially during the challenging situation we find ourselves in today. This blog, with help from the NHS and Mental Health Foundation, will go through some signs that may indicate stress and ways to help you cope with stress.

Ultimate guide to understanding Oasis

Is your child attending an Oasis school? Or are you interested in the work we do? Whatever the case may be, there is so much to learn about Oasis? This blog will take you on a journey around Oasis and go through everything you need to know.

National Poetry Competition Winners!

In aid of National Poetry Day, we ran a National OCL Poetry Competition inviting all students from across our 52 academies to submit their poems. We're absolutely delighted to share with you the following winners from Primary and Secondary! 

Keeping our children safe; Top tips for internet safety

It’s undeniable that the internet can provide an incredible opportunity for learning and exploration. Even though the positives are plentiful, as a parent, you’re bound to have e-safety on the mind. Here are Oasis Community Learning’s top tips for internet safety.