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10 questions to ask yourself when choosing the right school

It is that time of the year. It didn’t seem 2 minutes ago you were dropping off your child for their first day at school, and now they’re preparing to make the all exciting move to secondary school. Or perhaps, your child is moving into a primary school, and you want them to get off to the best possible start.

During this time, many parents are asking themselves the same question - how do I choose the right school, particularly in a world where I can’t visit them? Taking the time to consider this is already a great step forward. As parents, we want to do what’s best for our young ones, and it’s a big decision to make.

All schools have strengths and weaknesses depending on what you’re looking for, and finding the best fit for your child is about aligning your values and needs with a school that matches those. This blog will go through a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing the right school for your child and why you should consider Oasis.


Questions to ask when choosing the right school for your child

1.       What do I believe learning looks like?

2.       What does a successful school look like and why?

3.       Does the school serve my child’s academic interests?

4.       What is the culture of the school?

5.       What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?

6.       Can I see my child happy at this school?

7.       Who pushes my child to grow the most?

8.       What are the top three priorities of an education for my child?

9.       What is my role in educating my child?

10.   What do I believe is the purpose of an education? 


In a time when you might not be able to meet the leaders and teachers at the school, or chat to pupils or students about their experiences, take some time to go through the website and get a sense of the culture and atmosphere. You could even get in touch and ask for a phone call or video meeting to chat with the school about what they can offer your family specifically.

Your answers to the questions above, even if not fully formed, should help direct you towards what feels like the right, or if you’ll never settle on ‘right’ – a great choice for your child. We’d love to share what we think makes Oasis different, and why you should consider an Oasis academy.


Why Oasis is the right choice for you

Exceptional education at the heart of the community. That is the Oasis way. All of our academies are committed to providing a rich educational experience and ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to achieve, no matter their background, leaving this chapter of their education with a fulfilling, prosperous and ambitious future ahead of them. Our fundamental offer, and promise, means they’ll experience opportunities that’ll help shape their lives, have access to online learning through Oasis Horizons at home or at school, play a role in their community, be an active member of the academy, and be given countless new experiences in every year group.

At Oasis, our values of inclusion and equality shapes our schools. Each student is cared for, valued, respected, and cultivates their interests and skills to reach their full potential.

Could your family be the newest members of our Oasis family?

Levy Dalin