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2022: Turning over a new and joyful page

2021 has been very difficult year for many of us. With rules being regularly changed around masks, lockdowns, and travel regulations, what we now deem as normal is far from what it was before the pandemic.

It’s with hope that we turn this new page, try to move forward and see the new year in looking at the positives that are yet to come. Most of us  will be celebrating the new year indoors and may be stuck for ideas on how to see 2022 in in a fun, exciting and joyful way. With that being said, we have come up with a few ideas that you could go away with and use to celebrate this New Year’s Eve in the comfort of your own home. From dancing the night away to your favourite song, to having a creative and reflective night, we’ve got different options for everyone!

1 – Make a big bowl of popcorn topped with your favourite sweet treats to share with your loved ones whilst watching your favourite film/series.

2 – Make a memory board of your favourite moments of the year, whether that’s being able to play a sport, eating your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant, or your favourite song of the year. This could include pictures, writing, sculpting, painting, or drawing. Get as creative as you want!

3 – Do a treasure hunt with family! Put clues around the house, under chairs and tables and whoever finds it gets to choose the next activity.

4 – Call a friend, family member or peer you haven’t spoken to in a very long time, discuss what you’ve liked and disliked about the year, ask them for their favourite memories, and enjoy where the conversation takes you.

5 – Create a ‘joyful jar’ of your achievements throughout the year, maybe something you’ve accomplished and are proud of. Write these down and pop them in a jar with your family (or for yourself). Cherish that thought and keep it alive for as long as you can.

6 – Have a karaoke night, take turns in finding out who could be the nation’s next up and coming singer!

7. Create a list of hope – think about all the things you hope for, for the next year and every hour read out one thing on your list.

There is so much joy to be had at home this new year. If you’ve got anything to share with us that you think you might be doing, why not get in touch with us on social media! Together we can start the year well; we can start the year strong, together and with love in our hearts.

Happy New Year!

Hannah Skinner