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30 Acts for April that will help you stay happy and healthy

As we move into another month, and carry on another week in lockdown here in the UK, keeping motivation to keep busy and practice self care might be slipping. Or perhaps you're just running out of ideas of things to do to keep busy at home! 

We've put together a list of 30 things you can do this April, and will be posting one a day through our social media channels to help you out. Let's stay strong together and welcome Spring into our hearts this April (even if we are inside!) 

1.     Each morning, make a plan for your day. What would you like to achieve and would you like to do it in the am or pm. Try to put at least 3 things on the list (even it if the tasks seem mundane)

2.     Write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life

3.     Send a message to a friend you haven’t checked in on in a while to see who they are doing

4.     Go for a walk outside (but make sure you stay safe!)

5.     Make a list of movies you have always wanted to watch, and start with number 1 (if you can!)

6.     Do a home exercise video from Youtube

7.     Bake some cookies

8.     Play a boardgame with your family or housemates

9.     Start reading a new book, or start to re-read an old favourite

10.  Make breakfast for your family

11.  Write something down, just a note for yourself, about something you are proud of

12.  Set up something and have a go at drawing it (maybe get your family involved!)

13.  Make some progress on some learning or a project that you care about

14.  Phone someone in your family you don’t often speak to; see how they are

15.  Try writing a poem

16.  Put your favourite song on and have a dance party to yourself, or with your family!

17.  Make lunch for your family or housemates

18.  Write a letter to someone you care about

19.  Build a fort using pillows and blankets

20.  Clean out the kitchen cupboards, and put everything back in neatly

21.  Make a meal plan for the week – what would you like to have each day?

22.  Listen to some music, perhaps an old favourite from when you were younger

23.  Try out an audiobook!

24.  Try out a new recipe you find online and make something together, whether that’s a meal or some baking for pleasure.

25.  Write a list of 5 things you can control that you feel good about right now

26.  Here’s a hard one, try to go without your phone for a good part of the day today and focus on the people with you

27.  Do some art today

28.  Take 5 minutes today to sit quietly and just breathe with yourself, listening to the world go by

29.  Set yourself some goals for the next month – but make sure they are achievable

30.  Watch a classic film with the family or your house and have a movie night together!


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Hannah Skinner