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5 ways to support your wellbeing at work

With uncertainty affecting all of us right now, it is important that we continue to support and maintain our wellbeing, especially when our personal and working lives are forced to adapt to change. Remaining positive and intentionally putting effort in to motivate our happiness at work could be as easy as changing up our routine. All it takes is the ability to identify which approach works for us.

To help add a little positivity back to the working day, here are five tips to support our wellbeing at work.


Maintain a work/life balance

This is by no means a new concept for work-life satisfaction, but it’s proven time and time again to be so beneficial. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for our wellbeing, but it can also improve our productivity. Organising fun things to do outside of work, whether they are hobbies or interests that bring us joy or social interactions with friends and family, will inject life with a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and happiness to take into the working week. Why not make a list of the things that bring you joy and schedule some time in (even if just half an hour at lunch) to balance your day out a bit more with something you’ll enjoy.

Take regular breaks

Taking breaks can be very beneficial for us and our work. No doubt, work can feel overwhelming at times, even outside of the pandemic! Sometimes it takes a good dose of self-discipline to make time to reset and relax between a busy workload. We may be working hard, however, it’s important to give ourselves a break from time to time to re-charge our batteries. Even the shortest break of 3 minutes to make a cuppa can make a world of difference.

Encourage healthy choices

We all know healthy living is important. Adding just a few healthy habits into our workday can boost our mood and increase our productivity and therefore our sense of achievement at the end of the working day. This could include healthier lunches, stretching intermittently throughout the day, or exercising before or after work. Maybe it’s just a case of drinking more water and less coffee during the day!


The communication of wellbeing needs is important in the workplace in order to create a healthy and supportive working environment. A discussion with a colleague, friend, or family member can make a significant positive difference to your day – even if it’s a conversation you’ve been feeling anxious about.

Make work wellbeing a priority

We owe it to ourselves to look after our health and happiness. Continue to check in on your own mental health and reflect on how you are feeling. A great way to become more proactive, and motivated to continue do this is to force ourselves to start and book time in to prioritise this. For example, practicing mindfulness for 10 minutes every day can make a massive difference to overall well-being, and if we start by booking time into our diaries, following through on this time, then we are far more likely to feel motivated to do it again next week.

Levy Dalin