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Announcing our National Poetry Day Competition Winners!

This year we opened a competition for all 52 of our schools to send in their student poems on the topics of:

  • Who am I, who am I becoming?
  • Hope
  • Strength

All in line with our Habits for October. We are delighted to share the winning entries, as chosen by our English National Lead Practitioners for primary and secondary!

Subhan's Poem

The night can always turn into great days,
winter might be gloomy but there’s hope for summers rays, 

The leaves have to fall like there is a rush,
but again there will be hope for greenery and lush,

The thirsty Saharah is waiting for days, look!
the clouds are goign to open their spillways,

Bees have to fly for more than an hour,
to get honey by blooming flowers,

Always keep alive the hope inside you, and do let the flame blow and let hope grow. 


Alfie's Poem

I’m a little bit different to my other peers
Loud noises scare me and hurt my ears
Rainbow colours they make me smile
Especially on hot wheels cars thats my style
I may not always listen and do as i’m told 
But my mentality age is just 4-5 years old
I try my best to be good everyday 
Sometimes my brain just likes to change
I dont know why i do what I do some days
I dont see clearly its just a haze
But who i am ? I’m Alfie and i’m proud to be me

What will I become is yet to be seen
I just hope everyone is proud of me
I can walk and talk and do normal things
Which they said would never happen for me
I’ve proved them wrong and I always will
Maybe not as quick but its progression still
I try so hard with all my might 
I know deep down I will win this fight
Just wait and see 1 day I will go far 
You will see me driving my racing car


Siyanah's Poem

When I talk, 
No one listens 
When I enter a room, 
No heads turn 
When I fall, 
Nobody helps me up 
But you. 

Only you laugh with me and not at me. 
Only you know I exist 
When I just want to be recognised 
Only you. 
I try to pretend that I don’t care, 
Disillusioned, by the life my mind has illustrated. 
But I don’t want to hide it anymore, 
The girl in the mirror is the only one, I adore.


Sharon's Poem

I am a new becoming 
Securing the earth in my palms 
I am a new beginning  
Forming the words moulding on my tongue  
I am a new future 
Born to thrust my wings, wrestling my doubt 
I am a new person 
Shattering my shackles and uprearing my head to declare:  
I am a new becoming  
I am a new friend 
Planting our flag on top of the tallest mountain  
I am a new hope 
Like a lantern, flaring in the despair  
I am a new star 
Piercing my glint into darkness  
I am a new story 
Turning the page of my futuristic chapter to declaim that: 
I am a new becoming  
So ask yourself, who am I becoming?   
Who am I? What am I doing? 
Don’t fret, don’t stress 
Just remind yourself that: 
You are the new becoming… 

Hannah Skinner