Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Are you ready for the Oasis National Student Awards?

We are so close to celebrating the Oasis National Student Awards together as a family on July 9th. 

Every academy within the family, with pupils aged 10 or above, has nominated 5 students to take part in the awards and be put forward to be in the running as an overall National winner in their phase! 

The awards will be celebrating over 260 young people within Oasis for their Character, their Competence, and their Character. But why these? Well, you may not realise but all three of those categories are really closely linked. 

Many of our students have been nominated in the Character category because of their commitment to helping others. They are ambassadors for the 9 Habits, showing patience, self-control, compassion, consideration, joy, humility, honesty, self-control and forgiveness at school and at home. They go above and beyond to be, well, fantastic people. Because of this, because of who they are, they enjoy giving back to their communities and actively make the time to fight for others and what they believe in. So it will come as no surprise to hear that we had just as many nominations in our Community category! 

But how does competence come into all of this? To have competence in something, whether that's academics, the arts, or sports, it takes work. It takes character. When we reach a good level of competence, we are able to give back to others - to teach, to share, to bring joy to our communities. The nominations for students in our competence character only highlighted how incredibly talented, hard-working, and determined our young people are. 

With all this in mind, how could we not celebrate you all! 

So, on Friday the 9th July, if you have been nominated by your teachers and Principal, we look forward to joining you for an afternoon of professional football and acrobatic performances, congratulatory messages from our senior leaders, celebrity video messages and the exciting announcement of our overall winners in each category. We'll be providing you with a very special lunch too with thanks to Sodexo. 

See you there! 

Hannah Skinner