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Being Considerate - 9 Habits Blog
Being Considerate - 9 Habits Blog

It’s really annoying to lose a key, isn’t it? I can’t find my shed key anywhere, it’s all the hassle it creates - having stuff inside I can’t access and potentially needing to saw the padlock off. I suspect it will turn up, probably somewhere unexpected! Reflecting on why I lost the key – I think it was because I’d had a particularly busy day, rushing around, doing too many things.

One of the Oasis 9 Habits is being considerate – it literally means to show careful thought for someone or a situation, to examine, and pay close attention to what is really going on.

Easier said than done, especially with the pace with which we work or even live our lives.

How easy it is to send an email or message, post something on social media without showing consideration to how someone will receive it.

Being considerate is key(!) to good relationships, through showing empathy, kindness and respect – paying attention to how others are feeling and what they are experiencing. It can be good for us too, building positive relationships can boost our mood, release endorphins, creating a sense of calmness that strengthens our immune system.

In our relationships we can examine and show careful thought to a few foundational practices, to help us with being considerate:  

  • Showing appreciation – saying thank you, can go a long way in helping someone feel valued.
  • Listening well – focus on what people are saying rather than how we will respond.
  • Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes, thinking about the situation from their point of view – showing consideration and compassion helps build trust and understanding.
  • Keeping promises – helps demonstrate integrity and shows we value someone.
  • Using kind words when giving constructive criticism or talking about sensitive topics.
  • Only talking about people to others, as if they were with us.

All of this requires careful thought and a slower pace – and of course, not investing in our relationships may mean we lose more than a key!   Yet, when we value our friendships and help others it can be transformative for us and the communities in which we live.

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Being Considerate - 9 Habits Blog
Jemma Limbani