Building connections as a community
Building connections as a community

Oasis has always existed to support our communities to reach their potential, to help everyone get the advice and social welfare they deserve, feel included and part of a wider family. If you are a member of our school community, no doubt you’d have come across our community Hub model. Our community hub model aims to bridge the gap between the education we offer our young people and their families, alongside the wider community.

But we want to ensure we are always doing our best. We want our community to feel like they belong to part of something bigger, part of a movement towards inclusion, equality, and opportunity, built on healthy and open relationships and hope.

There is no one-size approach to what we do, and that comes from each of our communities having unique needs, specific strengths, partnerships and connections. Through the work our Community Movement Leader is doing, we want to maintain the uniqueness of our hubs, but strengthen our offer across the country building a network of opportunity for all.

A big part of this is the relationships our schools have with our students and youth workers Through a person-centred approach we are seeing young people find their voice, being heard and building confidence, which is then reflected in the classrooms and their attitude to learning. We know our teachers do their jobs because they have a passion for developing young people, but the demands of the role can influence how much time they have outside of lessons for this – so our youth workers can step in and offer additional time and care.

It is through this intentional approach to joined-up working, and the moves we are making to achieve this across the country, that we are building conscientious, capable future leaders, and changing attitudes to what their futures might bring.

We are also looking to build a strong network of alumni. Our students may have left Oasis academies, but they are always welcome to come to our hubs for support, or even in a supportive capacity! We know we have so much to offer our alumni, and that many of them could also be a huge positive influence on our current students.

If you are an alumni and would like to become part of a growing network do get in touch with

Building connections as a community
Hannah Skinner