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Easing into January

January can be a tough time for many of us. We may have just spent the holidays with our loved ones, celebrating Christmas or the new year with excitement, joy and let’s face it, probably too much chocolate! So when we come back to school, back to work after an eventful break it can feel like a real challenge. It can take its toll on us. We can get the ‘January blues’. For some of us, the return to work might actually be the thing we have been longing to get back to!

This month our 9 Habit focus is on ‘Patient’. In times when we are feeling low or down about things happening in our lives, the time of year, weather, or our self-esteem, one of our most valuable tools is patience. More specifically patience with ourselves.

Have you ever set a new year’s resolution, a promise of things you want to change or achieve, and given up by the time February comes? Us too. It’s because we want to start the new year well, to push ourselves to make a change as the year begins. But we can lose patience in our plans and try to rush to get there. Or maybe even punish ourselves because we don’t make as much progress as we’d like.

January is a time to be kind to ourselves. To take each day one-by-one. To forgive ourselves on the days we feel tired, fed up or like we can’t be bothered. January is a time for patience. 

Here are some things you could do this month to be kind to yourself:

  • Set yourself one small goal each day – something that you know you can achieve. Try to do this goal setting at a time that works for you. That could be the night before if you want to achieve something early morning, or it could be that you decide what it is after breakfast when you know how you feel that day.
  • Try to have something for dinner once a week that you are really going to look forward to – something you love to eat, that brings you joy.
  • Spend some time talking to friends. If you feel down, let them know – you’re never going to be alone in this and it can be helpful to talk about it.
  • Think about something you love doing that helps you relax. Is it having a relaxing bath? Reading a book with a warm hot chocolate? Or lying on your bed listening to your favourite album? Try to do this on the days you feel particularly tired.
  • If you want to exercise more as part of your new year resolution – start slowly and build up. Jumping in to too much too soon can be harmful to self confidence and physical wellbeing.
  • If you are going to set resolutions for the year, try to make some of them social – about spending time with the people you love. As for the rest, try to make them achievable and spread throughout the year.

You’ve got this. And on the days where it might feel like you don’t – that’s ok. Take the day, look after yourself, and let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

Hannah Skinner