Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Fun family activities for the Easter break

The Easter holidays are almost upon us, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some warmer, sunnier weather. As we approach this well-deserved break, here are some fun activities for all-ages you could do this half term.

Paper Mache Egg Painting
This easter, why not paint your own special eggs using paper mache and balloons! Simply blow up a balloon, and then concoct your paper mache mix using either a flour and water mix, or a water and glue mix. Dip your torn up paper or newspaper into the mix and paste it onto the balloon. When dry (you may have to leave this overnight), your egg will be ready to paint!

Scavenger Hunt
We’ve all heard of an easter egg hunt, but why not make it a bit more creative for older children, by generating clues to lead them to the overall prize! Think of creative places in the house to leave a clue, and work backwards, coming up with obscure wording or riddles to the next clue! This can be made as easy or difficult as you like depending on your child’s age.

Planting Seeds/Flowers
Why not have a gardening afternoon where you choose some seeds/flowers together and plant them in a pot or in a garden if you have one. If you do this at the start of the half term, it could be a project for your child to track the growth over the two weeks!

Paint Easter stones
If you are able to get a day trip to the coast, why not collect some nice, smooth stones to bring home and decorate for Easter! These could always then be used as part of the Scavenger hunt!

Water Balloon Toss
If the weather allows, why not swap the traditional game of catch with eggs, for water balloons instead! A fun family game, sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Bake Easter Cookies
Why not give your little baker a chance to express themselves with some easter cookies! Here is a simple biscuit recipe, which you could use as the basis for your baking, and then make any shape you like! Why not cut out carrots, bunnies, chicks, eggs or even simple circles to decorate nicely.


Whatever you do this half term, we wish you a joyful break, and look forward to welcoming you back for the Summer term.

Hannah Skinner