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Getting the Most Out of Professional Development at Oasis
Getting the Most Out of Professional Development at Oasis

Professional development is vital in cultivating Oasis's vibrant culture and community. By aligning professional development initiatives with our vision, ethos, and culture, we can empower every staff member to make a meaningful contribution and achieve their full potential. Here are four key strategies to maximise the impact of professional development within the Oasis community...

Professional development rooted in our vision and ethos.

At Oasis, we aim to create inclusive communities where everyone can reach their God-given potential. Your professional development goes beyond just the technicalities of your job; At Oasis, we emphasise the development of character, competence, and community. As a result, engaging in professional development has the power and potential to help you deliver exceptional education or transform communities. Irrespective of role, we collectively recognise that each of us can initiate change from within.  In being part of the Oasis family, there is a promise to you that our collective vision is to support and empower you to realise your innate potential and become the best version of yourself.

 A Culture of Continuous Learning

By embracing a growth mindset and encouraging continuous learning and improvement in our daily professional practice, we can help create a culture of ongoing learning within ourselves, our teams, and the wider organisation at Oasis. It's important for us to establish a workplace culture that values continuous learning and integrates it into our professional practice. Each of us should actively seek out and take advantage of opportunities for professional development and feedback from within and outside our team to drive our progress. As leaders, this means creating an environment where our teams see us as role models and guides, providing support and motivation for their participation in professional development and sharing widely the work we are collectively doing to grow.

Prioritise Time for Professional Development 

As a leader, it's really important to make sure that our team has dedicated time for professional development. This might mean adjusting schedules or cutting back on unnecessary meetings to make room for learning and growth. On an individual level, it's crucial to set aside time to improve our skills and knowledge to reach our goals and contribute to our shared mission. Professional development comes in many forms and is valuable at every stage of our careers. Whether it's through formal training, informal learning, mentoring, or networking, investing in professional development is key for personal and professional growth. At Oasis, we offer lots of ways for everyone to learn and grow. By prioritising ongoing training and skill-building, we can use professional development to advance ourselves and make meaningful contributions to our team and our organisation's success.

Engage in Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are amazing tools for professional growth. Pairing less experienced colleagues with veterans can provide invaluable support and guidance. Similarly, instructional coaches can offer personalised feedback and help implement new strategies effectively. Within our organisation, there are fantastic opportunities for everyone to participate in training to become a mentor or coach and receive it. If you're newer to the team, seek out mentors who can provide support and guidance. If you're more experienced, consider becoming a mentor or coach to help others. 

Investing in professional development is crucial for bringing our vision and values at Oasis to life. By aligning professional development with our objectives, fostering continuous learning, prioritising time for development, and offering support and coaching, we can create an environment where professional development can make a difference. When our staff can expand their skills and knowledge, it benefits our entire community, resulting in improved outcomes and transformation.


Getting the Most Out of Professional Development at Oasis
Jemma Limbani