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Getting to grips with the new school year

Starting a new school, or even going into the next year of school can be a very difficult process for children and teenagers. There is a lot of anxiety about making new friends, what they’ll be expected to know already, and what they’ll need to know to pass exams or perform well.

At Oasis we try our best to create a challenging yet nurturing environment for our learners, but there are some easy ways to support your children at home that will help with those settling-in nerves.

Take an interest in getting to know their teachers

Introducing yourself to your child’s teacher or form tutor in front of your child can help to create a sense of security and familiarity for your child. Knowing that you have a relationship with the person they will be spending most of their day with can help them to build a trust and respect for their teacher much quicker and improve learning outcomes. It will also be helpful for you going forward, should you have any concerns or questions you want to raise with them.

Get to know other parents

In the same way we would encourage you to build a relationship with your child’s teacher, it is important to get to know other parents too. This will help to you to support your child in making and maintaining friendships, whilst giving you added social support. Why not join the PTA or strike up a conversation whilst waiting to collect your child?

Try to keep on top of school news and events

It is likely your child will be sent home with school newsletters and notices – try to keep an interest in what is happening at the school and talk to your child about it. Check the news page on your academy website and keep up with social media feeds. Added interest in what is happening at school will encourage your child to open up about what they are learning each day and strengthen the mutual interest you share in their education.

Start and maintain a routine at home

Regularity is very important to a child’s development – all the way through to the teenage years! By creating a routine at home, you are helping to mimic the regularity of a school day, which in turn will help your child to stay focussed and engaged. Set regular homework dates at home and timings each day, try to arrange dinner at the same time and, importantly, bedtime. This will help with your child’s sleep too, and the better the sleep they get the better they will learn and retain information at school.

Get involved with your Oasis Hub

As parents you can do your very best for your child, but at Oasis we want to do our best for all of you! Self and social care is important, and if you are in a spot of bother or need some additional social support we have all sorts of initiatives at our local Hubs which are connected to our academies. From food banks, to debt advice or even juice bars and coffee mornings we are here to help.


Hannah Skinner