Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

How the Reading Curriculum prepares children for their futures and develops them as individuals

In 2018 the Literacy Trust stated: “Teaching children to read for purpose and for pleasure is possibly the most important job of all. Reading is the foundation on which being literate stands and it’s every child’s entitlement to be literate. Being literate gives children voice, enables social inclusion and literally increases life chances”.

This thinking is truly reflected in our Oasis approach.

A robust and thought-out approach to the teaching of Reading, and a related ‘reading offer’, is essential to ensuring that our children are successful. Reading can empower children to go on to be whoever they want to be and achieve all that they want to in life.

Our approach to Reading is intentional; the offer that we provide all our children makes sure that no part of it is left to chance. We insist on our offer being accessible and challenging for all of our children alike, no matter what their starting point may be. An offer mapped out by our team of National Leads and National Lead Practitioners.

Every aspect of the four-part reading entitlement contributes to development as a reader. It gives learners the skills to be able to read for pleasure and purpose but also gifts them the knowledge and experience of exceptional texts written by a range of wonderful authors and poets.

Our four-part approach at primary covers:

  1. Direct teaching of phonics and words.
  2. Direct teaching of the Reading Comprehension skills needed to be able to understand texts effectively, not just in reading but across our wider curriculum.
  3. The offer of hearing the very best stories and poems read aloud by an adult. This ensures that children are exposed to ambitious literature often at a level beyond their own.
  4. Independent reading time which we call ‘love of literature’ time – daily opportunities develop as a reader.

Throughout the secondary phase, we continue to build upon these foundations. Reading for pleasure remains key and students make good use of the library spaces and texts available in each academy. They also have access to electronic texts via Wheelers e-library and Access IT which begins in Primary. This consistent approach promotes a true love of reading and our Horizons iPad project means that every child has access to high-quality reading material at the click of a button. This has revolutionised their reading experience.

As children begin their secondary education, our approach builds stamina to support the understanding of academic texts. This can be challenging but is a key part of our ambitious curriculum. Our children read regularly and widely, covering a range of both fiction and non-fiction.

It is important to us that text choices are intentional so that our children can see themselves represented in the world of literature, whilst also exposing them to worlds and experiences they have yet to imagine. This really helps to shape them as people, as we explore themes of culture, race, equality and inclusion in texts.

As our children journey through their time at all Oasis academies, reading offers that wonderful opportunity to grapple with who they are truly becoming and this is why it is at the heart of our curriculum and who we are.


SNCLs: Clare Robinson (Primary) and Rachel Revell (Secondary)

Hannah Skinner