Ideas for a fun and active winter break
Ideas for a fun and active winter break

Winter break is finally here! Instead of hiding out under the covers at home waiting for the snow to melt and sunny weather to return, why not take advantage of the change of season by thinking about fun things to do?

Here’s a few, inexpensive things to do over the school break that will help keep the whole family busy.

Check out your local Christmas markets, a must during the winter months. There’s nothing that quite captures the festive period like the sights, sounds and smells you experience at Christmas markets. Some of these markets may also have attractions, such as ice rinks or live music – you don’t want to miss them.

Museums are a fantastic choice for when you don’t want to be outside but fancy getting out of the house. Although some exhibitions may charge an admission fee, many museums are free of charge. Support your local museum and enjoy a nice, educational, inexpensive, and warm way to spend time with your family.  Don’t forget to check online for opening hours!

When it’s too cold outside, why not get the family involved in the kitchen. Try a brand new soup, stew, or chili recipe, and have everyone help do different tasks like wash vegetables, tear kale, or peel carrots. Around the holidays, this activity can be especially fun—and can involve making festive cookies, a gingerbread house or other holiday treats that can be used to engage everyone in the family.  Try for easy and tasty recipes

Another great idea for things to do indoors is a game night. Whether it’s a board game, a cards game, a puzzle or even charades – there are loads of different games for the whole family to enjoy. Aside from it being interactive and entertaining, game night can help everyone bond with one another, develop skills, and also gives the family an outlet to share their interests.

How about a movie marathon? An evening of movie-watching could be fun. Choose a theme or a genre for the movies, or simply just have everyone pick their favourite movie, then grab some popcorn with a few other favourite movie treats and enjoy.

Whether it’s school, university, or work, a winter break is a perfect time to relax, refresh and it gives us all time to bond with our loved ones. We hope these activities give you lots of happy and memorable moments for you to share with the whole family.

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year.

Ideas for a fun and active winter break
Leonardo Lins