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June is LGBTQ+ Pride month!
June is LGBTQ+ Pride month!

LGBTQ+ Pride month is a pivotal date in the calendar, and runs throughout June. It is celebrated across the UK, USA and many western societies, but why June?

Did you know that the first Pride parade was not actually a parade, but was a protest? This escalated into an uprising between members of the LGBTQ+ community and law enforcement outside the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village in New York City in June 1969. In recognition of this, June has been seen and celebrated as Pride Month in recent years as a way to commemorate and celebrate the Stonewall Uprising and the turning point in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

It's important to honour and thank the people who fought so hard to get us here, and who sacrificed so much for the rights and equalities LGBTQ+ people have today. But on top of this, it remains vital to keep raising awareness of how far we still have to go to ensure everyone feels truly equal, free and accepted. We want to see a world where everyone knows that identity is seen, valued and valid at all ages. Here at Oasis we want everyone to know they are safe.

As an organisation, and in conjunction with School Diversity Week (run nationally by Just Like Us), Oasis will be celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride in the last week of June – 26th to 30th.

We appreciate the uniqueness of our communities and know that a number of our academies have student-led LGBTQ+ groups, therefore all Oasis settings will be taking part in Pride week in their own way. This is a great opportunity for those academies with strong student networks to take a lead and celebrate in a way meaningful to them.

National suggestions range from sharing a book with an LGBTQ+ character/theme or celebrating how all are families are all different, to holding a Colour Run, Pride Parade or rainbow bake sale!

Our LGBTQ+ Staff Network have come up with some great ideas but these are by no means exhaustive, and we look forward to seeing a wide variety of activities and events throughout the week:

  • Pride/LGBTQ+ assemblies
  • Pride displays and flags
  • Rainbow lunch/picnic/baking competitions/sales
  • Rainbow arts and crafts
  • Pride parade
  • LGBTQ+ design competitions including posters, bunting and t shirts
  • Colour run
  • Staff wearing rainbow lanyards, socks and ties
  • Lessons on LGBTQ+ activists, celebrities and icons


Additionally, below are some links to great charities and organisations providing free, educational and/or school appropriate resources which can be used to enhance the celebrations:

·       https://www.stonewall.org.uk/resources/pride-learning-packs

·       https://www.theproudtrust.org/schools-and-training/primary-resources/about/

·       https://www.theproudtrust.org/schools-and-training/secondary-resources/about/

·       https://www.justlikeus.org/lgbt-school-resources/


June is LGBTQ+ Pride month!
Hannah Skinner