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Preparing for Results Day
Preparing for Results Day

So you’ve put in the work, you’ve handed in your coursework on time, you’ve sat all your exams – now you’re playing the waiting game. It’s likely that students across the country are going to have mixed feelings about picking up results. Some will be excited, other nervous, whilst some will be a mixture of both!

But what can we do to prepare ourselves?

Essentially you’ve done everything you can at this time, so spending energy worrying about it won’t change a thing except to make you feel worse. Acknowledge your worry, talk to someone about it if that helps or even write it down – your feelings are valid and important to recognise. However, then you need to either re-frame your thinking or distract yourself, otherwise you could be in for a day of rumination or overthinking.

In those moments of nervousness, take a long breath and try to re-visit your thoughts. Instead of focussing on the ‘what if’ or the worry, take a moment to be proud of all the work you’ve done to get here. Think about all the learning you’ve put in over the last few years. Try to remember some of your favourite lessons – why did you enjoy them? How do you feel when thinking about them? Be proud of yourself, make a note of this and give yourself a treat.

Most importantly – look after yourself. Make sure you are eating well, talking to your loved ones or friends, staying active and getting enough sleep. Be kind to yourself. What activities make you happy? Try to be patient with your emotions and considerate to your own needs.

On the day

The day of, and the day before, can be very nerve-wracking as we are dealing with the unknown. It’s a great idea to have something planned for the afternoon of results day with friends or family. Try to keep yourself occupied the night before too; why not watch a movie, or play a game?

Everyone will be responding differently to their situations on the day, and it’s important that you look after yourself. If you know there are certain people that it might be unhelpful to talk to that morning, you don’t have to. There may be friends you are competitive with, or people in your class who like to show-off. You don’t have to share anything with them if you don’t want to. If you are particularly worried you could send a message to our closest friends, let them know how you are feeling and that you wish them the best and will let them know how it went in your own time.

Think about whether you want to take someone with you and who that person might be. You could even bring your results back to the car together to open them, or to a safe space for you. You do not have to open your results in front of other people. 

Remember, you aren’t alone. All your teachers and support staff here at Oasis are on your side and here to help.

Remember, you are worth so much more than your grades, whether you knock it out of the park or fall short of your targets; you are an incredible person with a future ahead of you. It’s what you want to make of it.   

Remember, help is available if you want to know about your options. Here are some helpful links from the BBC on what to do if you aren’t happy with your GCSEs, and advice on clearing from UCAS.

Most of all, remember to celebrate. This is a wonderful milestone in your life and a great opportunity to be proud of yourself and mark the occasion.

Preparing for Results Day
Hannah Skinner