Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pride in our community
Pride in our community


'Proud of Us - all different, all equal, all respected'

As Oasis, our foundation and core are built around valuing everyone and every life experience, regardless of background, faith, race, home life or disability. This commitment to inclusivity has been recognised with the 'Inclusivity Award' at the MAT Excellence Awards! 

Our ethos statement includes: ‘A passion to include everyone’ – making our academies open, accessible and safe spaces for all staff, students and our entire community; and ‘A desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences’ – including representation of all types of people with all types of protected characteristics, so everyone who steps inside our academies feels seen, feels heard and feels comfortable.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion, sex.

We are actualising our ethos by working towards complete community inclusion and cohesion through a process of understanding, uniting and usualising LGBTQ+ families and lives within our communities.


The first step to any kind of inclusion is understanding. We have been working hard to include a range of lessons which teach about a diverse range of families, including those with two mums, two dads or non-binary parents. Understanding that families surround their children with love, regardless of the gender of the parents; that stereotypes of what ‘mums do’ and what ‘dads do’ don’t always hold true in any type of family; and that same-sex families operate the same as any other families is the key to breaking down barriers.


We spend time in our academies, and during events and celebrations, sharing how we are all unique and different and how we can learn from one another and about each other’s lives. But we also share how we are similar, sharing experiences of similar hobbies, similar family get-togethers, similar traditions, and routines. Bringing communities together to share how LGBTQ+ families function the same way, celebrate the same way, and follow the same daily routines as other families helps us to find common ground on which to build strong, lasting relationships.


Our communities are full of a beautifully diverse range of families. One of the best ways we have found to raise the next generation to see LGBTQ+ families as ‘normal’ or ‘usual’, is the casual inclusion of LGBTQ+ representation in daily life – photographs of LGBTQ+ families in the community along side non-LGBTQ+ families, diverse books in the classrooms representing different family set-ups, inclusion of same-sex families in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, and conversations around two mums/two dads, etc being embraced throughout the academy.

Creating a community where every family sees themselves reflected in the environment, the lessons, the books, and the artwork around the academy is vitally important to living out our ethos every day. We are proud of our Oasis communities, and we are proud of the steps we are taking towards making our academies inclusive, safe places for all LGBTQ+ families to feel valued.

Pride in our community
Jemma Limbani