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Top tips for staying safe this Bonfire Night

Bonfire night can be both extremely exciting but also very dangerous if you don’t take precautions to stay safe. Please read our safety tips below (with thanks to the Fire Service) to ensure your family has a fun, harm-free night.


1.     Only buy fireworks from a reputable shop. Your fireworks should all be CE marked.

2.     Store your fireworks in a closed metal box, away from children, and ensure that you always follow instructions.

3.     When setting up fireworks, please make sure you are placing them on a stable surface facing away from spectators, with no risk of falling or changing direction prior to take off.

4.     Stand well back and always slight at arm’s length using a taper.

5.     Never throw or return to a lit firework.


1.     Do not burn household rubbish on a bonfire.

2.     Keep your bonfire within a cordoned off area, away from any fireworks, trees, property or people.

3.     Never use flammable liquid to light your bonfire.

4.     Check your bonfire for animals prior to lighting.

5.     Keep all pets indoors and children away from the bonfire

6.     Do not leave your bonfire alight if you are going to bed, please extinguish using water. Pour over all embers.


1.     If using sparklers, make sure you are wearing gloves.

2.     Please keep your lit sparklers at arm’s length.

3.     Don’t wave sparklers near other people.

4.     Put all sparklers in a bucket of water kept nearby.

5.     Sparklers are not recommended for the under 5s.

Hannah Skinner