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What to do with your family this half term

Are you looking for some fun, and affordable, activities to do with your family this autumn half term? It doesn’t have to be all spooks, there are plenty of fun things you can do this October with your family – at all ages!

Conker Picking

It is conker season, and whilst we may not be playing conkers anymore we can still have great fun collecting them! Why not get a little festive and kick off the winter with a family conker hunt – whoever collects the most could win a special prize! We also hear they’re quite good for keeping spiders at bay!

Don't get your conkers confused with chestnuts though! If you're starting to feel somewhat festive, you could buy in some chestnuts for roasting. Recipe available at BBC Good Food. 

Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is the Hindu ‘Festival of Light’, which kicks off this year on Sunday 27th October. It is a special holiday, lasting for 5 days which is now celebrated by many people of different religions. Whilst each will have its own practice there are many ways you can celebrate too. You could light Diyas (small clay candle holders), get arty and draw your own Rangoli, or even try making some special Indian sweets.

Visit your local zoo

Most zoos run special child friendly events during the half term, whether they are Halloween inspired or simply interesting animal workshops, it is worth looking up what your local zoo is doing this October. Great fun for all the family, the zoo can be a perfect way to spend a day out – especially before it gets too cold!

Pumpkin Carving

For those of you that celebrate Halloween, pumpkin carving can be one of the highlights of the year. You can pick up a pumpkin from your local shop or market, but before you start carving make sure you’ve got a dish ready for the bits you want to keep and cook, a bin nearby for the less desirable bits, and some wipes – it sure can be messy work. There are plenty of stencils available online to help you if you’re not sure what design to do!

Hobbycraft Workshops

Over the half term, crafts shop Hobbycraft offer free workshops for children all over the UK. This October the workshops include Halloween Slime making, squishee spiders, aqua gelz, and face painting! Just pop the date you’re looking to get crafty into the website and find out what you can do.

Get your bake on

As the Great British Bake Off comes to a close, home baking is more popular than ever. Why not spend some time in your kitchens this October making some of your favourite bakes? From bakes for kids to exciting new recipes for adults, there is something everyone can get involved in.

Create a board game

Rainy day? Why not stay in and play some games together? Better yet you could make your own board games! Have a go at designing a new game each and try them all out as a family. You never know what fun you could have!

Hannah Skinner