Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Why I wanted to be a Senior National Curriculum Lead

We're really pleased to share with you this blog by one of our SNCLs, Rachel Revell, on her experiences of working education and why she wanted to become a national lead here at Oasis. 

Teaching, and subsequently school leadership, are my vocation; it really is as simple as that. I quite literally cannot imagine doing anything else. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that each and every day when you head into work you make a difference to the lives of those around you. This difference increases as your experience and understanding of the craft of teaching develops and becomes something you want to utilise to its full potential.

Working in one school is a privilege: the chance to get to know all of your students, watching them flourish across the five years of their secondary education, knowing they will go on to achieve their dreams when they leave you. However, when the chance arises to work across a number of schools and impact the lives of thousands of children and a wide volume of staff - that is a chance which is too good to pass up!

The role of National Lead Practioner (NLP) or, in my case, Senior National Curriculum Lead (SNCL) encompass a range of roles which span all areas of school life at both primary and secondary. These roles have been created by Oasis to establish a network of dedicated people who want to collaborate with their colleagues across the Trust and be fully immersed in the latest cutting edge developments in education. The beauty of these is that they allow us to remain committed to our school, making that impact on the ground but also develop our skillset by working in other academies either within our subject or an area that we lead.

This opportunity has been so valuable to me on a personal level because it has broadened my horizons, in the most literal sense! My academy is based in Grimsby, and I now work with colleagues across the country, and the advent of technology and Trust wide ways of working have meant that I am able to learn from my colleagues across the country as well as offering the insights I can bring through my experience. The professional benefits are endless whether it be the chance to visit other schools and work with a range of talented colleagues; working with the SNCL team that I am part of; developing new ways of working and broadening understanding through collaboration it really offers so much.

The NLP role is one which is central to the development of our Trust and is fundamental in how Oasis Community Learning continues to evolve. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Hannah Skinner