Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vaccines for Schools Campaign

Educating children safely is the Government’s number one priority

The lack of classroom learning means all children suffer, and those who suffer most are those from the most disadvantaged situations. We all know that aside from education, schools also provide our children with vital social and emotional support, as well as for some, the essential care which enables all other frontline key workers to keep doing their jobs.

The only way to keep our schools open as numbers of children returning rise – let alone get all children back into school as soon as possible – is to ensure all school staff are offered the vaccine as soon as possible.

School staff need to feel safe and to be safe in order to do – and keep doing their job to keep the country’s schools open! That means they must be prioritised and moved to the top of the list, along with NHS and care workers, for the vaccine. The vaccine is the game-changer!

There are one million school staff in England – they are all critical workers and must be able to teach without anxiety or fear about their health.

Sign our petition today to support teachers and support staff across the country, and safely return back to school


A global issue; let's demonstrate the depth of our commitment and ‘put our money where our mouths are’.

According to the World Health Organisation, the wealthiest countries in the world have already procured most of the effective vaccines. That means that although a vaccine dose only costs around £2, nine out of 10 of the world’s poorest people will not be vaccinated this year, and many of them not next year, or the year after that!

So, as you sign the petition to move all school staff to the top of the vaccine list, equal to NHS and care staff, please also give £2 – the price of a cup of coffee – or more to support the WHO target of distributing two billion vaccines to poorer countries this year.