Oasis Academy Bank Leaze

Principal, Amelia Nelson
Interim Regional Director, Clare Robinson

Corbet Close
Lawrence Weston
BS11 0SN

Phone: 01275 894580

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Principal, Amelia Nelson

Corbet Close
Lawrence Weston
BS11 0SN

Phone: 01275 894580

E: info@oasisbankleaze.org

W: www.oasisacademybankleaze.org


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Oasis Academy Bank Leaze is a Nursery and Primary School situated in the Lawrence Weston suburb of Bristol. The Academy is fully inclusive of all admitting children aged 3-11.
Age 3 to 4 years
Phase 1
Age 4 to 10 years


A Message From the Principal

Oasis Academy Bank Leaze is, and very much wants to be, part of your community.  At Oasis Academy Bank Leaze, we believe that the children are at the heart of our Academy and the Academy is at the heart of our community. We have high expectations of our students, so you can be proud of their achievements, their learning and who they discover themselves to be during their time with us. We cultivate a culture where there are no excuses. We are determined that through their hard work and ours they will succeed. Our vision is clear: ambitious students with the character and skills to choose their own path. 

Amelia Nelson


We believe that the children are at the heart of our academy and the academy is at the heart of our community. 

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Bank Leaze
Excellent music provision

Every pupil in Year 5 and 6 learns to play a brass instrument

High Expectations

We want the best for our pupils, including setting them homework and supporting them at Homework Club

Great Sports Provision

We have excellent PE lessons, provided by Bristol Sport and a great range of clubs

Our Region

We are part of the South West region of academies within the Oasis family. Based in Bristol and Trowbridge we are a region of 11 academies both primary and secondary, lead by our Principals and Regional Directors. 

In Bristol, we have:

  • Oasis Academy Bank Leaze (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Connaught (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Long Cross (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Marksbury Road (primary)
  • Oasis Academy New Oak (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Brightstowe (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Brislington (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy John Williams (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Daventry Road (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Temple Quarter (secondary)

In Trowbridge, we also have Oasis Academy Longmeadow, a primary school. 

Our Community

Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Oasis Academy Bank Leaze and Oasis Academy Long Cross and the surrounding communities of Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills and Avonmouth are part of Oasis Hub North Bristol.  The hub runs a number of services for the community.  By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better.

Hub Projects

Our projects include:

  • The Oasis Community Shop: located on Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston. This is a community shop that runs arts and textile courses for the local community, student REAL projects and affordable second-hand toys and clothes.
  • Holiday Activities: a range of activities are run throughout all the Academy holidays. 
  • Counselling Service: based at Long Cross Children's Centre, the Counselling Service is accessible to all members of the community. Again you can contact the Hub team for more information.
  • Lawrence Weston Carnival: an annual community celebration held in June. We offer plenty of opportunity to get involved or join us to spectate on the day.
  • Oasis Grows: gardening and healthy eating porject that runs across the three Oasis Academies.
  • Family Support: the Hub oversees and supports the Family Support Team at Long Cross Children's Centre.


For more information on any of our projects, or to find out what we have coming up, please visit and like our Facebook page.