Oasis Academy Connaught

Principal, George Fraser
Interim Regional Director, Clare Robinson

Melvin Square
Knowle West

Phone:  01275 894590

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Principal, George Fraser

Melvin Square
Knowle West

T: 01275 894590 

E: info@oasisconnaught.org 

W: www.oasisacademyconnaught.org


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Oasis Academy Connaught is a Nursery and Primary school serving the community of Knowle West, Bristol. Our Community Centre enables the academy to facilitate and provide more provision, in addition to education, to our families.
Age 3 to 4 years
Phase 1
Age 4 to 10 years


A Message From the Principal

I would like to welcome you to Oasis Academy Connaught - a place where everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be!  Oasis Academy Connaught is a proud school and Nursery in the heart of Knowle West, blessed with large grounds and recent refurbishment.  Oasis Academy Connaught has a highly unique curriculum which aims to ensure all children make excellent academic progress and have a high level of engagement and challenge; enabling them to learn the skills they need to be successful.

At Connaught we offer children an exciting range of opportunities throughout their school life, including overnight camps in London, Devon and Somerset, weekly swimming, local and further afield trips, forest schools, sporting activities, music, cooking and Spanish classes.

However, not only are we a vibrant, happy school for children, we are also a hub for the whole community, providing, amongst other things:  a coffee shop, toddler groups, family support and a range of adult education.

Parents are not only welcome but take an active role in leading activities within the school.  We also benefit from strong links with Oasis Academy John Williams and Oasis Academy Brislington.

Best Wishes,

George Fraser 



Why Choose

Oasis Academy Connaught
Community Matters

We care about our community, and integrate whole families into the Connaught family.

Celebrating Success

We believe that the successes your child see's in and out of school with us should be celebrated, and therefore work hard to see that each young person feels special and recognised

Exciting opportunities

We offer exciting opportunities throughout the year for our young people, so that they can learn new skills and discover new passions

Our Region

We are part of the South West region of academies within the Oasis family. Based in Bristol and Trowbridge we are a region of 11 academies both primary and secondary, lead by our Principals and Regional Directors. 

In Bristol, we have:

  • Oasis Academy Bank Leaze (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Connaught (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Long Cross (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Marksbury Road (primary)
  • Oasis Academy New Oak (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Brightstowe (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Brislington (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy John Williams (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Daventry Road (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Temple Quarter (secondary)

In Trowbridge, we also have Oasis Academy Longmeadow, a primary school. 

Our Community

We are proud to be part of the Oasis Hub South Bristol

Oasis Academy Connaught runs a number of hub services for the community. By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in the same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better

One of the main priorities at Oasis Academy Connaught is developing the links with the local community as well as with other Oasis Academies.

Many of our current Year 6 pupils will be starting at Oasis Academy John Williams or Oasis Academy Brislington in September 2018. There will be lots of transition projects during the summer term to ensure that the children are well prepared for their new schools.

The Oasis Community Cafe

If you love good coffee, good cake and a good laugh, then the Oasis Coffee Shop is the place for you!  We're a friendly and vibrant community space, open to everyone on a Friday morning from 8:30 - 11.30.

We believe that people should come before profit which is why our prices are so low.  We also run a 'Have One On Us' scheme for anyone who doesn't have enough for a drink.

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