Oasis Academy Johanna

Principal, Dawn Venn
​​​​​​​Regional Director, Adam Browne

Johanna Street
Lower Marsh

Phone: 020 7928 5814

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Principal, Dawn Venn
​​​​​​​Regional Director, Adam Browne

Johanna Street
Lower Marsh

Phone: 020 7928 5814
Email: info@oasisjohanna.org 
Website: www.oasisacademyjohanna.org


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Oasis Academy Johanna is an Ofsted rated Good primary school serving the community of Waterloo, London. Our all inclusive academy admits children aged 3-11 for Nursery and Primary phases.
Age 3 to 4 years
Phase 1
Age 4 to 10 years


A Message From the Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Johanna. As a good/outstanding school we chose to become an Academy in September 2011. We decided to become part of locally based Oasis because their ethos accorded with ours. Thus, we can work together to widen opportunities for families in our locality.

As an Academy, we have the freedom to deliver a learning experience which is innovative, challenging and responsive to the needs of individuals. We treat all our pupils as individuals. We personalise learning to meet their needs whilst making learning engaging and fun. We have high expectations and help our pupils to do their very best so that when they transfer to secondary school they are equipped to learn and progress. As a member of the global organisation Oasis, the Academy provides unique opportunities for our young people and our wider community. We benefit from working in partnership with, and learning from, schools across different continents as well as those locally and nationally.

We are based in Johanna Street off Lower Marsh, behind Waterloo Station. We may be in the middle of a huge city but the school has a village feel to it. We are a fully inclusive, community school.

Dawn Venn
Oasis Academy Johanna

We personalise learning to meet their needs whilst making learning engaging and fun

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Johanna
Above Average

Our results are above national averages 


We are fully inclusive of all our staff and students


We are a small school where everybody looks after everybody. Fun- Our children and staff love being here


It is exciting and engaging and makes full use of our geographical advantages


Our Region

Welcome to London and the South East (LSE). We are the largest region in Oasis with 14 academies, serving diverse and dynamic communities. Our academies provide education to 9,470 students in early years, primary, secondary and sixth form.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements. During 2022-23, the Oasis curriculum continued to make significant impacts on students learning. Academy improvements resulted in stronger outcomes across the region, at every phase. We are proud of our children at each phase, whether that be those joining reception or those finishing their GCSEs and A-Levels.

We are unquestionably stronger when we work together. Our regional development is underpinned by collective drive, ambition and high expectations for each and every one of our students.

In LSE we thrive on feedback and welcome new ideas and visitors to our academies. So do be in touch with Ella.Marett-Gregory@oasisuk.org if you would like to make contact.



Our Community

Oasis Academy Johanna is part of Oasis Hub Waterloo.  As well as the school, the hub runs a Church, a debt advice centre, a foodbank and a variety of youth-support services.  By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better.

What is happening at our Hub?

We have an active and thriving community hub here in Waterloo with the following provision:

  • Oasis Church

  • Holiday Clubs

  • Debt Advice Centre

  • Foodbank

  • Oasis Farm Waterloo