Oasis Academy Leesbrook

Principal, Sarah Livesey
Regional Director, Philip Beaumont

Oasis Academy Leesbrook
Roxbury Avenue

Phone: 0161 290 4000

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Principal, Sarah Livesey
Regional Director, Philip Beaumont

Oasis Academy Leesbrook
Roxbury Avenue

Tel: 0161 290 4000
Email: info@oasisleesbrook.org

Website: www.oasisacademyleesbrook.org

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Oasis Academy Leesbrook is an all-inclusive Secondary School in Oldham. We are currently based on Middleton Road in a fully functioning, purpose built-for-education home whilst our exciting new premises are being developed bespoke to our vision for the academy.
Phase 2
Age 11 to 16 years


A Message From the Principal

We warmly welcome you to our school community at the very start of this exciting journey where we will build an exceptional educational experience at the heart of the community of Oldham.

I am extremely proud to lead our exciting new school, Oasis Academy Leesbrook, which will be a unique school. We will cultivate the future leaders of Oldham, the UK and the world, developing students who are role models within our community and regularly make a positive contribution to our locality.

Our students are hard-working, determined and successful, taking pride in all they do and celebrating their many achievements. Their excellence will develop within the classroom and beyond, where we are helping them to become model citizens in their community and undertake a range of opportunities to enrich their lives.

Oasis Academy Leesbrook is a fully inclusive school where all students are welcome regardless of starting point, need or complexity. We prepare our students to be leaders who the community look upon with pride and admiration as they develop and lead our school to excellence.

Kindest Regards,

Sarah Livesey

"Our students' excellence will develop within the classroom and beyond"

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Leesbrook
Role Models

We develop happy and successful leaders who are culturally enriched and become role models within our community

Outstanding Leadership

Our academy Principal has led in 3 Outstanding schools and 2 teaching schools

Personalised Learning

Oasis Academy Leesbrook is a school where all young people receive a personalised educational experience

Holistic Development

Students' academic skills, habits and personalities will be developed allowing them to successfully progress to work or further education

Our Region

We are part of the  North region of academies within the Oasis family. Based in Manchester, Oldham, Bradford, Salford, Sheffield, Scunthorpe and Grimsby we are a region of 17 academies both primary and secondary, lead by our Regional Directors Jane Hughes, Emma Johnson, Heidi Stennett and Emma Merva. 

Within the North West we have the following academies: 

  • Oasis Academy Aspinal (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Broadoak (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Harpur Mount (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Temple (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Limeside (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Lister Park (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Leesbrook (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Oldham (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy MediaCityUK (secondary)

Within the North East we have the following academies:

  • Oasis Academy Don Valley (all-through)
  • Oasis Academy Fir Vale (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Watermead (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Parkwood (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe (primary)
  • Oasis Academy Immingham (secondary)
  • Oasis Academy Wintringham (secondary)


Our Community

Oasis Academy Leesbrook is part of Oasis Hub: Oldham. As well as the Academy, the Hub runs a number of services for the community. By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better.

Programmes run at Oasis Hub Oldham

At Oasis Hub Oldham, we are proud to serve our community and aim to offer all the opportunities in life to help our members reach their potential. We currently have the following programmes:

  • Chef School
  • Adult Learning
  • EAL projects
  • Police Cadets
  • Health and Wellbeing

We have also recently started working on a new project to help tackle homelessness, and another to set up a memorial garden for the community.

Through close connections within Hollinwood, our Hub is also involved in a:

  • Job club
  • Foodbank
  • Community Farm
  • Time Bank
  • Credit Union