Oasis Academy Mayfield

Principal, Claire Taylor
Regional Director, Joanna Lawton

Ashley Crescent
SO19 9NA

Phone: 02380 328128

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Principal, Claire Taylor
Regional Director, Joanna Lawton

Oasis Academy Mayfield
Ashley Crescent
SO19 9NA 

T: 023 8032 8128 

Website: www.oasisacademymayfield.org

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Oasis Academy Mayfield is your local all-inclusive secondary school in Southampton, serving children aged 11-16. We are an Ofsted 'Good' academy dedicated to entitling our students, staff and community to an exceptional education.
Phase 2
Age 11 to 16 years


A Message From the Principal

Excellence for Everyone

Oasis Academy Mayfield is a fantastic place to learn and work. Our last Ofsted visit was in May 2016, judged Mayfield to be ‘Good’ in all areas. Since then we believe, we have moved yet closer to our aim of becoming the exceptional school our community deserves.

Our mission is focused around entitling our students, staff and community to an exceptional education. In order to achieve this we have four simple priorities:

Excellent teaching
Excellent outcomes
Excellent student entitlement
Excellent staff / parent / community entitlement

Being part of Oasis offers many opportunities for collaboration and professional learning; we are a family and work closely together to ensure that we deliver exceptional education at the heart of our local community.

Claire Taylor
Principal - Oasis Academy Mayfield

Our mission is focused around entitling our students, staff and community to an exceptional education.

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Mayfield

We are a fully inclusive school accepting students of all backgrounds and instilling an ethos of equality

High standards

We insist on high standards of behaviour and uniform

Excellent teaching

We develop our teachers so that they can develop our curriculum every year 


We have an extensive enrichment programme

School of choice

We are oversubscribed in all year groups


Our Region

We are part of the South Coast region of academies within the Oasis family. Based in Southampton we are OCL's newest region consisting of 3 secondary academies lead by our Regional Director Joanna Lawson.

Within our region we have:

  • Oasis Academy Lord's Hill
  • Oasis Academy Sholing
  • Oasis Academy Mayfield


Our Community

We offer opportunities for extended learning beyond the core Academy day. Our extended provision through our Hub team is at the centre of our community work. The team deliver a wide range of services which engage public, voluntary and business sectors in the establishment of a centre of education and lifelong learning. We aspire for the Academy to be at the heart of our local community, recognised by others for our clear understanding and support of local issues and awareness of community needs.

At Oasis we recognise that people are not two-dimensional beings; we are each a whole person with a broad range of aspirations and needs and these needs are interconnected. To truly help someone with their educational needs, it is vital to also be aware of their emotional needs, spiritual needs and economic needs.

As such, we believe in communities that are holistic, interconnected and totally inclusive. We call our model for these communities ‘Hub.’ 

Oasis Academy Mayfield is part of the Oasis Hub: South West. As well as the Academy, the Hub runs a number of services for the community. By ensuring all these services are joined up and rooted in the same ethos, we believe we can transform the entire community for the better.

  • Follow our Community Team on Facebook @OasisHubMayfield 
  • Contact us by telephone: 023 8042 5340

What is happening at our Hub?

Oasis Hub: Mayfield has a variety of services and programmes we would love to invite you to get involved in.

These include but are not limited to:
  • The Saints Foundation Partnership
  • Monty's Hub
  • Cafe Church
  • Jem Tennis
  • Friends Of

Our Community Hub opening times are: 

Monday 4pm-9.15pm 
Tuesdays 4pm-10.15pm 
Wednesdays & Thursdays 4pm-9.45pm 
Fridays 4pm-9.15pm 
Saturdays 8am - 4.00pm 
Sundays  8.30am - 5.30pm