Oasis Academy Silvertown

Principal, Areyauna Firouz
Regional Director, Thomas Raymond

Rymill Street
E16 2TX

Phone: 0207 059 2500

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Principal, Areyauna Firouz
Regional Director, Thomas Raymond

Oasis Academy Silvertown
Rymill Street
E16 2TX

t:  020 7059 2500
e: office@oasissilvertown.org
Website: www.oasisacademysilvertown.org

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Oasis Academy Silvertown is a 'Good' academy with Outstanding features serving 11-16 year olds in the heart of the Royal Docklands, London. We are a co-educational, all-inclusive Secondary school dedicated to transforming lives and learning.
Phase 2
Age 11 to 16 years


A Message From the Principal

At Oasis Academy Silvertown, our vision is that Oasis Academy Silvertown will transform students’ lives by preparing them for the university or career of their choice, and enable them to contribute to their community as leaders. Our mission is simple: “Ready for university. Ready to lead.”

We aim to achieve our mission through 5 key principles, held by staff and students: Be Proud. Be Professional. Be Nice. Be Independent. Be Resilient. 

The relationship we have with you-the parents and carers of our students- is extremely important to us because it’s only by working together, as a team, that your children can achieve their social and educational potential, and become excellent citizens, leading happy and rewarding lives when they leave the academy.  We understand that, as parents and carers, nothing is more important to you than ensuring your children have the best opportunities in life so that you can be proud of them. That’s why keeping your children safe and continually stimulated to learn is our top priority.

Oasis Academy Silvertown is at the heart of its community, and wants to develop all its students to become leaders who will transform and give back to their local community. An outstanding school is where everyone associated with it works together as a team with the aim of helping your children achieve their academic and social potential so they are ready for university and their dream job.

You will see me at the academy gates in the mornings before school starts. If you happen to notice me and would like a quick word, or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to do so. We are all here not just for our students but for you as well. When it comes to doing the best for your children, we value your support and this means a very great deal to all our staff.

We all look forward to getting to know you and to working with you. A very warm welcome to Oasis Academy Silvertown.

Areyauna Firouz


Ready for university. Ready to lead.

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Silvertown

We have an ambitious aim for all our students: "Ready for university. Ready to Lead."

High Expectations

To achieve our important mission we have the highest expectations of all our students and are fully inclusive

Strong Values

Our mission is underpinned by our values: "Be Proud. Be Professional. Be Nice. Be Independent. Be Resilient."

Ofsted Success

We are an Ofsted Good provider (May 2017) with Outstanding Judgements for "Leadership and Management", "Personal development, behaviour and welfare" and "student outcomes."


Our Region

Welcome to London and the South East (LSE). We are the largest region in Oasis with 14 academies, serving diverse and dynamic communities. Our academies provide education to 9,470 students in early years, primary, secondary and sixth form.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements. During 2022-23, the Oasis curriculum continued to make significant impacts on students learning. Academy improvements resulted in stronger outcomes across the region, at every phase. We are proud of our children at each phase, whether that be those joining reception or those finishing their GCSEs and A-Levels.

We are unquestionably stronger when we work together. Our regional development is underpinned by collective drive, ambition and high expectations for each and every one of our students.

In LSE we thrive on feedback and welcome new ideas and visitors to our academies. So do be in touch with Ella.Marett-Gregory@oasisuk.org if you would like to make contact.



Our Community

We believe that it is only when we invest in a whole community that we can expect to have an impact in the lives of its most desperate and needy members. That's why we're working to create a new sense of 'village', a new sense of belonging and interdependency; hubs.

There isn't a blueprint for what a hub looks like or even what it does; they can be different in each location. Some of our hubs have gyms, others cafes and restaurants. They support local business, run FoodBanks and provide debt advice, they run schools and youth groups and they engage with local politicians. A hub responds to the needs of its community and provides a space where every person can feel safe and familiar.

Since 2004 when we began to realise the Oasis Hub vision: to build, restore and transform entire communities, we have now developed dozens of hubs across the UK.

Debt advice - Food bank - Holiday clubs - Youth Clubs

With the support of Britannia Village Hall and other community partners, and the Oasis family, we are developing an Oasis Hub in Silvertown.

Britannia Village Hall is a key partner for our hub, as it sits at the heart of our community, and provides a diverse range of activities and support for everyone in our community – from toddler groups to social and sports activities.

The Britannia Village Hall mission is to REACH people from all the diverse backgrounds in the West Silvertown area, enabling us to live in harmony and unity.

Britannia Village Hall aim to provide excellent services and facilities that will:

Relieve people in need and hardship

Encourage healthy living

Advance life-long learning

Celebrate the arts and our rich cultural and historic heritage

Help to create a vibrant and sustainable social and physical environment

For more details contact manager@ilovebv.com