Oasis Academy Skinner Street

Principal, Victoria Richmond
​​​​​​​Regional Director, Adam Browne

Skinner Street

Phone: 01634 850213

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Principal, Victoria Richmond
​​​​​​​Regional Director, Adam Browne

Skinner Street

Phone: 01634 850213
Email: office@oasisskinnerstreet.org
Website: www.oasisacademyskinnerstreet.org

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Oasis Academy Skinner street is a good Primary Academy in Gillingham, Kent. We are an inclusive school for children aged between 4 and 11, committed to delivering exceptional education at the heart of our community.
Phase 1
Age 4 to 10 years


A Message From the Principal

Enabling children to be the best they can be drives everything that we do at Oasis Skinner Street. Our job, in partnership with parents, is to build the foundations for a successful education, to enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them to fulfil every aspect of their potential and to encourage their growth into effective citizens, ready to play their part in the world and their community.

Our academy is a welcoming, happy place where people are helpful, considerate and respectful of each other. The children are very happy and enjoy learning. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff who strive to ensure that every child is successful, confident and responsible, equipped with all the skills they need to continue on their future learning journey.

Victoria Richmond,


"Our academy is a welcoming, happy place where people are helpful, considerate and respectful of each other."

Why Choose

Oasis Academy Skinner Street

We are a diverse, inclusive academy.


You are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile, by staff and pupils alike

Parents matter too

We care about the whole family and can provide a listening ear or a helping hand, if required

Award winning

We have won a number of awards recently for our work to make our academy more environmentally-friendly

Our Region

Welcome to London and the South East (LSE). We are the largest region in Oasis with 14 academies, serving diverse and dynamic communities. Our academies provide education to 9,470 students in early years, primary, secondary and sixth form.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements. During 2022-23, the Oasis curriculum continued to make significant impacts on students learning. Academy improvements resulted in stronger outcomes across the region, at every phase. We are proud of our children at each phase, whether that be those joining reception or those finishing their GCSEs and A-Levels.

We are unquestionably stronger when we work together. Our regional development is underpinned by collective drive, ambition and high expectations for each and every one of our students.

In LSE we thrive on feedback and welcome new ideas and visitors to our academies. So do be in touch with Ella.Marett-Gregory@oasisuk.org if you would like to make contact.



Our Community

We offer opportunities for extended learning beyond the core Academy day. Our extended provision through our Hub team is at the centre of our community work. The team deliver a wide range of services which engage public, voluntary and business sectors in the establishment of a centre of education and lifelong learning. We aspire for the Academy to be at the heart of our local community, recognised by others for our clear understanding and support of local issues and awareness of community needs.

At Oasis we recognise that people are not two-dimensional beings; we are each a whole person with a broad range of aspirations and needs and these needs are interconnected. To truly help someone with their educational needs, it is vital to also be aware of their emotional needs, spiritual needs and economic needs.

As such, we believe in communities that are holistic, interconnected and totally inclusive. We call our model for these communities ‘Hub.’ 

Oasis Academy Skinner Street is part of Oasis Community Hub: Skinner Street. As well as the Academy, the Hub runs a number of services for the community. By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better.

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