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OCL Procurement

The procurement function exists to help OCL achieve our objectives and deliver best value expenditure.

The Academies Financial Handbook defines Best Value as: Achieving the best possible educational and wider societal outcomes through the economic, efficient use of resources, the avoidance of waste and extravagance, and prudent and economical administration.

There is high scrutiny of expenditure and a need to reduce costs. OCL Procurement therefore:

  1. Provide procurement services and advice for all spend
  2. Work collaboratively to ensure we get best value for money
  3. Analyse spend and risk
  4. Select suppliers to reduce risk
  5. Review pricing, costs, terms and conditions and performance
  6. Work collaboratively to drive performance and value for money
  7. Deliver operational support
  8. Review how the MAT works with suppliers

OCL spend almost £60 million each year covering a range of goods and services such as food at our academies, repairs and construction materials, utilities, office supplies, waste management and professional services. Additionally, there are investment programmes covering building schemes, computers, communications and other equipment


General procurement enquires can be made via the e-mail address below: