Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Becoming an Oasis Academy

Map of OCL regions

We want to invite you to join us on our journey

The vision for Oasis Community Learning has always been to create "Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community" in every community that we have the privilege to serve.

With this vision at the forefront of everything we do, we are, (with the full support of the Department for Education), continuing to grow in the numbers of academies joining the Oasis family and with 52 open academies, we are now one of the largest trusts in England.

We operate in five main regions of England: the North, the Midlands, the South Coast, the South West and London and the South East, providing primary, secondary, all-through education and special education

What does it mean to join OCL?

Becoming part of OCL means joining a genuinely supportive family of academies with many benefits including:

  • Regional Improvement Networks sharing best practice and moderation
  • School-to-school support
  • National Monitoring and Standards Team providing challenge and support
  • Career progression - within schools and across the group
  • Local and National Strategic governance
  • Regional and National conference programmes celebrating and sharing learning, pedagogy and best practice
  • Online, up to date, National Policy Framework
  • Benefits from our local Teaching Schools
  • Shared solutions to mitigate risk and enhance sustainability
  • Specialist national and regional services provide support, enabling academies to focus on teaching and learning
  • Economies of scale through our regional and clustered academy model

We would be particularly interested in hearing from you if...

  • You are within 45 minutes travelling time of an existing Oasis academy
  • Your level of disadvantage is at or above national average
  • You are a designated teaching school
  • You are a 2FE or larger Primary
  • You are a 6FE or larger, Good or Outstanding Secondary
  • You have sustainable pupil numbers and demographics ( above 70% of PAN on role)
  • You have a sustainable and balanced budget
  • You have a sustainable plan for any major liabilities
At Oasis Academy MediCityUK, we have managed to achieve the rapid improvement from inadequate to good in large part due to the extremely effective support we receive from our Oasis family

Closing the Gap

The percentage of inspected academies attaining ‘Good’ or better rose from 30% to 88% since 2014 - 97% of our Primaries have hit this target. We are securing better education across the group and closing the gap for our disadvantaged students. In fact a number of our academies have already done this!

The sustainability of OCL is down in part to a number of intentional strategic decisions to ensure that all students staff and schools are able to be served, supported and challenged as part of our family. To do this we undertake a process of due diligence for any school wanting to join the trust. This process aims to establish a mutually beneficial 'fit' for anyone joining the Oasis family and supports a shared sustainable future.


If you want to find out more, or to speak to someone about becoming an Oasis academy, please get in touch with our team at joinus@oasisuk.org