Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Ofsted Highlights

Of our academies that have been inspected, we are pleased to report that 81% have been judged to be 'Good' or 'Outstanding'.  With 81% of secondaries and all-throughs inspected rated as‘Good’ or better, we are above national average.

Below you can find some of the feedback we have received from Ofsted in our recent inspections. 


Oasis Academy Putney, Good with Outstanding Features (June, 2019)

"Children get off to a flying start in early years. This is because provision is very well led and managed. As a result, children make excellent progress from their different starting points"


Oasis Academy Shirley Park, Good (June, 2019)

“The knowledge-based curriculum is broad and engages pupils’ interests. Pupils of all ages and abilities have opportunities to develop their personal and social skills through a comprehensive extra-curricular programme.”


Oasis Academy Johanna, Good (March, 2019)

"Leaders and teachers create many opportunities for pupils to contribute to the life of the school. Consequently, pupils like coming to school and are very proud of their school."


Oasis Academy Lister Park, Good (February, 2019)

"Leaders have worked hard to find innovative solutions to recruit and train staff, particularly in shortage subject areas such as English, mathematics and science. Consequently, pupils now experience greater consistency in their learning."


Oasis Academy Boulton, Good (February, 2019)

"Pupils’ books show that they learn well across a wide range of subjects in most classes. Their work is generally neat and well presented. Pupils are proud of their work and try hard to do their best."


Oasis Academy Hobmoor, Good (February, 2019)

“Progress in writing and mathematics at the end of Year 6 is above or well above national average for all children.”


Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, Good (December, 2018)

“You and your leadership team have created a culture that demonstrates high aspirations for your pupils. You are determined to continue to improve the quality of education that your pupils receive and leaders and teachers work hard to make these improvements.”